breadth of a leaf

and a cup full of bliss


Expertly produced, each tea in our collection is selected to bring you the best experience. Handcrafted from start to finish, our meticulously selected small batches of leaves are imported directly from farmers. We love and stand behind our teas so much that it is difficult to part with them. Still, we enjoy sharing tea time, sipping each infusion while discussing flavor, taste, and mouthfeel. Whether you join us for a tasting or place an order, our mission is to share with you our precious leaves and all that we know about them, from terroir to history to technique. Our traveling Chinese tea room offers old-world wisdom with new-world views. Our goal is to bring you the joys of tea drinking anytime, any place. 


PLEASE NOTE: We have recently relocated and are curating a new collection of teas, including some favorites such as our popular Rou Gui (Wuyi Mountains, Fujian) and Yashi Xiang (Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong). As always, we will focus on about 12 to 15 special teas, available in the New Year. 


BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: please feel free to book a tasting, team-building session, educational workshop, or ceremony in our new private tea room. Contact us for pricing.


SAFETY: Our number one priority is to create a safe environment for all. No shoes are permitted inside our tea room. Hand sanitizers are at the entrance and must be used before and after the tastings. Masks must be worn at all times, except when sipping tea. Temperatures and oxygen levels will be checked upon arrival. Our tea services are based on a number of factors, please contact us for pricing.


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