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We love tea and sharing it even more. Join us for a special tasting or let us help you bring your tea event idea to fruition.  


Corinne Trang offers tea consulting to the hospitality and retail industries. Looking to develop a new tea program or revamp your tea menu and services? Corinne creates seasonal and balanced tea menus incorporating newly harvested leaves alongside aged ones to please all palates. She enjoys training staff and sticking around to discuss teas with customers. Have a tea event in mind for your customers? Let's work together to create a memorable experience. 


Celebrating an anniversary, getting married? Perhaps it's your birthday or you simply want to experience something different for Sunday brunch? Food and tea pairings are as complex and delightful as food and wine pairings. Regional teas are defined by the terroir they come from, each offering a myriad of aromas and tastes. Our catered events are a great way to experience delicious foods paired with regional teas for maximum enjoyment.


Learn the fine art of cupping tea for your co-workers and friends. It's lots of fun, especially when you throw in the challenge of pairing regional teas with specific foods. Who has the best pairing? Find out :)

TEA 101

Whether you want to book a private or corporate party, our TEA 101 workshop is eye-opening. You will learn the fine art of cupping tea using the traditional Chinese gong fu method. Learn about water, temperature, and how to cup different types of teas. Presentation, practicum, and Q&A. This course can be configured as a 2-hour, 1-day, or multiple-day, weekly workshop.

Contact us to discuss details and book your special tea event

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