Liquid Gold Tea is owned by Corinne Trang, a food and beverage professional and award-winning author of several books on Asian food cultures. For decades, she has traveled throughout Asia, researching food philosophies and practices. Her determination to preserve tradition while reconnecting to her Chinese roots led her to reexamine life through tea, which she has been drinking since she took her first steps. A spiritual practice soon grew into shared moments with friends and family in her tea room.

The health benefits of tea (not just green, but all true tea—Camellia sinensis) is well known throughout the world. As a certified holistic health and nutrition counselor, Corinne has helped her clients develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Today, all have adopted a tea practice that is as cleansing as it is enjoyable. 

With her Chaozhou family ancestry connected to the Phoenix Mountains, Corinne has a soft spot for dan cong oolongs, with a love affair for beautifully handcrafted premium whole leaf teas from all tea regions of the world. And while Liquid Gold Tea's focus is mostly on Chinese tea, do check back often as we will occasionally surprise you with delicious finds from Korea, Japan, and India. The inventory is small for a reason. We like switching it up. Occasionally, we will hold on to and age teas; like wine, under proper storage conditions, tea can evolve into something quite exquisite. 

Last but not least, our private tea room offers customizable tea experiences for both private and corporate gatherings for any occasion. Educational, entertaining, engaging, and fun, workshops and events are presented by Corinne who has over 20 years of experience presenting in front of live audiences from small classroom settings to packed auditoriums. Corinne is no stranger to the corporate world or the service industry. She has served both the non-profit and for-profit sectors as a consultant and executive. With great sensitivity and adaptability, she is quick to understand her audience and customizes her workshops, presentations, and tastings, accordingly. Whether you want to experience a tea meditation, a ceremony for your wedding, a corporate team-building event, or a private tasting, Corinne is ready to share with you a unique, unexpected, and delightfully delicious tea journey. 


2 Private Tea Rooms:

🍃 Malmö, Sweden

🍃 New York, NY

By appointment only:

🍃 Tea Tastings

🍃 Teambuilding events

🍃 Tea Education Workshop

🍃 Tea Meditation

🍃 Tea Ceremony 

🍃 Tea Events with Guest Experts

🍃 Tea and Teaware Sourcing

🍃 Tea Consulting


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