Liquid Gold Tea Culture and Education Center is dynamic, striving to spread the word about tea. Aside from our very own special private tea room, you will find Corinne teaching at various locations. Our tea events fit in many settings—yoga studios, wellness centers, hotels, restaurants, other tea shops, your office (team-building is our game), or your home.


Be transported to a different time and place while experiencing a traditional, centuries-old gong fu tea service, or enjoy learning about tea through an entertaining presentation. We promise an experience you will not soon forget.


Here is where you will find Corinne's teaching schedule. But, do check back; the world is opening up again, and as we navigate this new Covid-impacted life we find ourselves in, we will gradually add more events. 

If you would like to book a private custom event of your own, please reach out


Corinne's Teaching Schedule

28 August 2021

  Yoga Kendra  

Malmö, Sweden

10:00 AM to 16:45 (4:45 PM)

All-day wellness retreat with three workshops including yoga, holistic nutrition, and gong fu tea. Cleanse body and mind while enjoying delicious premium white, green, oolong, and red ("black") tea. 

To reserve your spot, click here and scroll down the menu for more info.


19 September 2021

Maha Rose North

Hurley, NY, USA

All-day tea and sound wellness retreat with Corinne and Katie Down, a multi-instrumentalist composer, psychotherapist, and sound bath performer. A promise of fun and engaging workshops using tea and music for healing. Experience the centuries-old Chinese gong fu tea service along with gongs, harps, and flutes inside a beautiful calming geodesic dome overlooking New York's Catskill Mountains. Reservation link coming soon,