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Gift Certificates

Liquid Gold Tea Culture and Education Center changes its menu all the time. Our teas are sourced directly from tea farmers, the true masters. Small batches that disappear quickly! For this reason, we customize all our offerings.


Each gift certificate is a blank slate. We suggest you gift them as you would any gift. We will, in turn, make sure your special someone is taken care of with the utmost attention to detail. Gift certificates can be applied to any service or product. Our products change all the time, so we suggest you come and experience a tea journey.

Once you purchase the gift certificate, you will receive a receipt. Meanwhile, the recipient will receive a numbered gift certificate with instructions for redeeming it and applying it to any purchase.


Our white-glove service will ensure your loved one is thoroughly satisfied. 

(please note: all certificates include 25% VAT; all sales are final)

Vi har ikke nogle produkter at vise her lige nu.

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