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At Liquid Gold Tea Culture and Education Center, our mission is to share with you tea experiences that will last a lifetime. Our Chinese tea services offer old-world wisdom and tradition while embracing new-world perspectives and tendencies. Our goal is to bring you the joys of tea drinking anytime, anywhere, and for any occasion. 


My Story

I'm Corinne Trang, a food and beverage professional, holistic health and nutrition counselor, educator, certified yoga and meditation instructor, and award-winning author of several books on Asian cuisines. For decades, I traveled throughout Asia, researching food philosophies and practices. My determination to preserve tradition while reconnecting to my Chinese roots led me to reexamine life through tea, which I have been drinking since childhood. Fifteen years ago, I developed a spiritual tea practice that soon became shared moments with friends and family, and Liquid Gold Tea was born. 

Through my Chaozhou family ancestry and connection to the Phoenix Mountains, I have a soft spot for dan cong oolongs and a love affair for beautifully handcrafted premium whole leaf teas from all tea regions of the world. Additionally, I am fascinated with the beverage and how it redresses imbalances in the body and mind.

With my dedication to tea, my research into Eastern healing modalities, and 20 years of experience teaching and presenting in front of live audiences from small classrooms to packed auditoriums, I love to share this ancient beverage of humble beginnings. The corporate world and service industry are familiar territories, serving both the non-profit and for-profit sectors as a consultant and executive. I customize workshops, presentations, and tastings based on guests' needs with great sensitivity and adaptability. So whether you want to experience a tea meditation, a ceremony for your wedding, a corporate team-building event, or a private tasting, I am ready to share with you a unique, unexpected, and delightfully delicious tea journey.


Tea transports me back to a time and place where poets, philosophers, and artists shared common ground while sipping tea and discussing life. So come for the ride and join me in letting go. 🍵🍃


Custom Specialties

Gong Fu Tea Tastings,

Events, Presentations, and Education

Business Meetings

and Teambuilding


Tea Consulting,


and Sourcing

Tea Therapies, 

Meditation, and

Cha Dao 

Tea Health and Wellness Retreats,

and Travel

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