Some basic equipment for preparing tea using the traditional Chinese gong fu method (also see "Technique": 

Gaiwan: a traditional Chinese glazed porcelain cup with lid for steeping tea. Filled 1/3, 1/2 or close to 3/4 of the way with dry tea leaves depending on type and size of leaves. This vessel is an excellent option for all teas. 

Yixing teapot: made of special clay this teapot undergoes curing and is appropriate for steeping oolongs, red or black teas, and vintage rare teas. Not recommended for white or green teas. Generally a single Yixing pot is used for a specific type of tea. For instance use one for oolong, another for black tea, but don't mix up the two, as the clay takes on the flavor of the tea leaves. This can be a costly option.

Chahai: fairness pitcher, from which the tea "soup" is poured equally into small cups. 

Strainer: to hold back debris as you pour off tea "soup" from gaiwan (or yixing pot) into chahai. This keeps the liquid clean when dispensed into individual tea cups. (Sometimes the strainer is built into the gaiwan.

Teacups: generally small, often sold in sets of 3, one for the cha jin and two more for guests.

Electric water kettle with temperature control: each type of tea requires a different water temperature; see each tea in the Tea Shop for more information on appropriate water temperature.

Tea scoop: for scooping tea leaves and displaying purposes.

Tea towel: about the size of a face towel, it is useful for wiping off any drops while serving tea.

Tongs: for holding cup as you pour off water or rinsing liquid.

Tea Tray: Chinese gong fu tea tray with a catching tray for spills.

Tea pick: for chipping off tea cakes such as pu'erh. 

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