satin brocade pouch (whatever color is available)

120 ml gaiwan

2 x 30 ml teacups

15 gram tea sample (some delicious unspecified tea)

Travel Gaiwan Set

SKU: ACS-0002
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$63.75Sale Price
  • Traveling with delicious tea has never been more easy, so much so that I never leave home without my travel gaiwan (120 ml) set, which I personally put together because I couldn't find a travel tea set to my liking. This one comes with 2 classic Chinese teacups (30 ml each) that fit perfectly and snugly into the gaiwan. The glazed porcelain is both beautiful and easy to clean. Here some useful information for using a gaiwan. 


    NOTE: Zojirushi SV-GHE50 is the perfect travel size thermos (sold separately and available online). You'll be able to fill the gaiwan 4 times, enjoying multiple steeps. TIP: If you are traveling abroad, after you get passed security, go to any airport cafe and ask to fill your thermos with hot water. (I do not recommend asking for hot water on the plane). Also put a 1/2 piece of bamboo charcoal into the thermos to purify water. 


    GIFT: To get you started, included is a 15 gram tea sample. Which tea? it's a surprise... and it's good ;)



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