Part of our "Summer Jade Sample" enjoy this very special Szechuan Mao Feng along with Mao Jian, Lu'An Gua Pian, JungJak, Saejak. That's 5 very distinct and refreshing green teas to cool off during the summer. Any of these can be cold steeped. 


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Szechuan Mao Feng (green)

  • Type: green
    Origin: Mao Feng, Mt. Emei, Szechuan (Sichuan) Province, China.
    Temperature: 80°-85°C (176°-185°F)
    Serving: 3 grams
    Vessel: 80 ml gaiwan (serves 3 to 4)
    Time: few seconds
    Steeps: 5+
    Appearance/Taste: Known as "Hairy Mountain Tea," grown and harvested at Mt. Emei in early April, this tea is special, surrounded by Buddhist Monastaries (part of the 4 sacred mountains considered UNESCO world heritage sites). Mao Feng is harvested from mid-March Through April. Sweet like wheatgrass with an ever so slight bitternote in the middle of the sip, finishing sweet again. It's lovely anytime of the year. We only have a limited quantity as part of our "Summer Jade Sample." 

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