Saejak (green)

  • PRIVATE STASH: only sold as part of the "SUMMER JADE SAMPLING." 


    Type: green
    Origin: Mount Jirisan, Hadong Province, Korea 
    Temperature: 70°-75°C (158°-167°F) 
    Serving: 3 grams
    Vessel: 80 ml gaiwan (serves 3 to 4)
    Time: 20 seconds, increase by 5 to 10 seconds with each steep
    Steeps: 3-5 steeps (no rinsing required)
    Appearance/Taste: The 2nd pluck. Small green leaves with sweet wheatgrass like flavor and a chrystal clear green "soup." No rinsing required for this tea, though warming of the cups prior to steeping is essential. Also cooler water than usual for this green tea. You can increase temperature up to 85°C (185°F) but be sure to decrease steeping time. 

    Notes: Hadong Province is where Korea’s tea history begins. Using traditional methods for processing, tiny and delicate first leaves are hand-harvested, dried and heated to immediately stop oxidation and maintain a deep green color. The robust, sweet and savory grassy flavor lingers as you contemplate the “soup,”  crystal clear with a vibrant yellowish-green hue. This high grade artisanal tea, has been cultivated at the foothills Mount Jirisan, since the very first tea seeds were brought back from China during its Tang Dynasty era. Planted along its south-facing nutrient-rich slopes, alongside rivers and streams with perfect wild growing conditions, it is exquisitely balanced and refreshing like first morning’s dew. 

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