Da Wu Ye (oolong)

  • Type: oolong
    Origin: Phoenix Dan Cong, Wudong Village, Guangdong Province, China

    Elevation: 1400 meters
    Temperature: 90°-95°C (194°-203°F)
    Serving: 5 grams
    Vessel: 80 ml gaiwan (serves 3 to 4)
    Time: few seconds
    Steeps: 5+
    Appearance/Taste: big dark twisted leaf, this  is a special one in that it is the only dan cong harvested in the winter, hence its fun name "snowflake tea." It is also rare, in that only a small amount is produced each year. While dan cong are teas generally characterized as robust, Da Wu Ye's oxidation level is on the light side, resulting in a delicate sweet floral aroma that lingers on the tongue, bringing on a soft smile.

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