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Bai Mu Dan (white)

  • Type: white
    Origin: Bai Mu Dan, "White Peony", Fuding, Fujian China
    Temperature: 80°- 85°C (176°- 185°F), and up to 90°C (194°F)
    Serving: 3 grams
    Vessel: 80 ml gaiwan (serves 3 to 4)
    Time: few seconds
    Steeps: 5+
    Appearance/Taste: A bud and 1 to 2 leaves, results in a soup that is silky on the tongue with a rich floral aroma, this Fuding "white peony" makes me salivate and gets sweeter with each steep. An elegant tea with a clean, golden soup that is especially soothing in the early evening. 


    Note: white tea is steeped at a low to medium temperatures, and I play with the temperatures from season to season, choosing 90°C (194°F) during the winter, while steeping at 80°C during the summer, for example. 

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