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For quite a few years now, I have dreamt about making tea part of my life in a significant way. Tea is one of the most sophisticated beverages I have ever experienced. It is filled with both simplicity and complexity, from the way it is prepared and served, to the shape, color, aroma and taste of the leaves.

I am in awe of how many different ways the leaves can appear, though they all come from the same tree called camellia sinensis. From there the hands of farmers handling the leaves comes into play, creating some of the most exquisite teas that not only have visual appeal but balanced flavor. Not all teas are created equal, however, and so I look forward to spending hours at my tea table, contemplating leaves in dry and wet form, tasting multiple infusions to make my final decision. I will only ever offer a small selection of teas at a time from white to green, oolong to red and fermented varieties, to insure the best possible quality, always.

It is with great pleasure that I finally present to you, Liquid Gold Tea. Please feel free to reach out and ask me about private tea tastings and custom events. I would be delighted to cup tea for you and your guests.

Drink tea!


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2 Private Tea Rooms:

🍃 Malmö, Sweden

🍃 New York, NY

By appointment only:

🍃 Tea Tastings

🍃 Teambuilding events

🍃 Tea Education Workshop

🍃 Tea Meditation

🍃 Tea Ceremony 

🍃 Tea Events with Guest Experts

🍃 Tea and Teaware Sourcing

🍃 Tea Consulting


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